Eddie Murphy and the late Richard Pryor had a lot in common, most notably their style of comedy. Both were influenced by the great Redd Foxx and in turn touched an entire generation of comedians after them which includes Chris Rock, George Lopez, Martin Lawrence, Dave Chappelle,Lewis Black, and Mike Epps. It’s no wonder that Bill Condon has Murphy as his first choice to star as the groundbreaking comedian in his upcoming biopic. According to EW, Condon is shopping his script Richard Pryor: Is it Something I Said to studios and Murphy is attached to star.

Condon is hoping to score a deal with Fox Searchlight, since he already has a budding professional relationship with the studio. They backed his 2004 indie film Kinsey, which starred our favorite vigilante dad, Liam Neeson. Condon, who wrote and directed Dreamgirls is hoping to secure 25 – 30 million dollars to bring Pryor’s story to the big screen.

I’m fully behind a biopic on Pryor. This man single handedly broke the mold for not only African American comedians but comedians in general. Pryor’s life wasn’t long as most, the comedian died at the age of 65 of a heart attack. Before his death Pryor dealt with multiple sclerosis, and had been wheelchair bound for years.

I know that Eddie and Richard respected one another, and had a decent working relationship. They both starred in the 1989 gangster flick Harlem Nights, which also featured Redd Foxx. They may not be similar in looks, but maybe with some make-up and wardrobe he can make it work. Who knows, this might take Murphy back to his own comedic glory days. I don’t know about you but I miss the old Eddie.

Do you think Eddie can pull off Richard or should someone else throw their hat in the ring?