baby Dren

Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley star in the upcoming thriller Splice, set to release some time in September. Director Vincenzo Natali is sort of new to the scene and is best known for his movies Cube and Nothing.

In Splice, Clive, played by Brody, and Elsa, played by Polley, create a “beautiful but dangerous winged human-chimera” named Dren. Clive and Elsa use a combination of human and animal DNA to create this odd and creepy looking creature. The idea of Splice plays off of 1995’s Species but thanks to modern technology is much more realistic and frightening. To view more pictures of Dren and the other characters in the movie check out Bloody Disgusting.

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So what do we think? Can Natali and executive producer Guillermo del Toro pull this off? Are audiences ready for another sci-fi movie? It seems like most of the movies made these days are remakes, sequels or have scripts that are so similar to movies that already exist that they are pointless.

Will this be yet another futile attempt?