The Warner Brothers DC comic book adaptations just keep rolling in. This time we’re looking at the DC franchise , Suicide Squad. I’m vaguely familiar with these guys, but I never really read any of their stuff. Nothing against them, I just have too many comics in my rotation. According to Variety, Dan Lin is going to be developing and co-producing the Suicide Squad’s first foray onto the big screen. Warner Brothers is looking to turn this into a potential franchise for the studio.

Unlike most comic books, Suicide Squad centers on a group of incarcerated supervillains, not your typical superheroes. Here’s a short description of what you can expect from the film.

Suicide Squad” will feature a mix of well-known and unknown villains recruited by the government to accomplish a task deemed too dangerous for superheroes. The historically independent operators must bury their own interpersonal conflicts and agendas to form a cohesive unit to take on a singular task.

The film’s script will be penned by Justin Marks, as in the same Justin Marks who wrote Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Him being involved doesn’t really make my Spidey sense tingle if you know what I mean. Besides Suicide Squad, Lin has worked on the upcoming Sherlock Holmes and Terminator Salvation.

Have you ever heard of Suicide Squad? Are you looking forward to the film?