Wow. If there’s one person you don’t want to mess with, it’s Michael Clark Duncan one of the evil villains in the upcoming adaptation of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, starring Kristin Kreuk. Michael is probably one of the sweetest people you will ever meet but damn is he a big dude. One of his arms is the size of my head! It’s quite clear that for someone his size and with his prestige, he certainly doesn’t take anything too seriously. He was joking throughout the interview.

Normally at this point, I would talk about the movie he’s in, but honestly, I’m scared to. I don’t want to piss him off. Let’s just skip to the interview…

Your character seemed to have a lot of fun with all the little evil things he did. He looked like he was having a good time. Is that something you intentionally brought to the role?

MCD: Yeah, you know I didn’t want to be the stereotypical, big heavy who’s mean and growling. I believe the person who’s the most scary in the room, is the person who smiles a lot, and who’s big. Because I’m already big, I have the size. If my boss tells me to go do something, and I do it with a smile, it’s way more sinister than me coming to you saying, (growling) “I’m gonna get you.” I like to do things with a smile. I was having fun beating people up and destroying stuff.

We hear that there’s a finished script for Sin City 2 floating around, have you heard anything about that?

MCD. I haven’t seen it yet. Hopefully we’ll get that finished script, and start shooting with Robert Rodriguez he’s a phenomenal director, but I have not seen it.

We heard from Jamie King that Frank Miller has finished it, do you know if there’s a big role in it for Manute?

MCD. I hope so. I really hope so. I loved playing Manute. Manute is another heavy guy that I loved to play. He’s a no nonsense type of guy, who had his eye taken out years before. He’s one of those guys as Balrog is, he’s a no nonsense type of guy and a very easy character for me to play.

Why is it so easy for you? You’re so sweet in person.

MCD: (Laughs) I know, see that’s it, that’s it. That’s exactly what I want to change. I just want to do something evil so people won’t say, “he’s such a sweet, gentle giant.” No, “kill, kill, kill!”

How was it working with Kristin Kreuk and Chris Kline?

MCD: She worked a double, everyday six days a week, for three months. She was by far the hardest worker on the set, and the woman never complained. Chris Kline, he was the same way. He got to kiss Moon Bloodgood, so I thought that was pretty cool. She’s a hot chick, and she’s going to be in the new Terminator movie. She left our movie and flew to the States and started filming that, which I thought was fantastic.

What was it like shooting in Bangkok?

MCD: It was hot. It very was hot. It was very humid. We had a lot of down time. Neal was like my little sandbox buddy. We were together a lot. We were calling each other all the time, like “what are you doing?” We were trying to catch a NBA play off game, which came on at 5:30 in the morning there.

I heard a story from Neal that you are quite popular in Bangkok? He said that walking down the street with you was like being with “black Elvis” and everywhere you went people would crowd you. Is that true?

MCD: Neal would not help me out at all. We were out at the mall shopping, I looked up and he’s half a block away. I’m like could you at least stand here, and say something to divert the people? Say, “Yeah, I do movies too.” He wouldn’t do nothing. He walked way ahead of me and left me. That’s what I couldn’t understand. Why did you leave me? I would have never done you like that. Never in a million years would I have never left you like that.

We heard you had a lot of down time in hotel rooms, were there any TV shows your got addicted to?

MCD: Over there they have this show called “Six in the City,” and it’s these six Asian chicks. I used to watch “Six in the City” every night. It was pretty interesting. That, and I watched Ben 10 all the time. I watched Ben 10 on the Cartoon Network everyday, between that and Nyquil shots trying to get to sleep. Our timing was so thrown off over there, and at 4:30 in the morning you were just up. And then we were doing night shoots so I had to take some Nyquil and be like, “What’s going on. What day is this?”

I know you’re a big WWE fan, were you able to catch it at all?

MCD: No, no. In fact, we (Neal McDonough and I) just saw each other recently at the The Staples Center [for a match]. I looked up and here comes Neal and his wife and his entourage coming down. He had like ten people with him. He didn’t tell you he had ten people with him when he came to the WWE. It was just me and my girlfriend. Neal comes in and everybody’s like who’s that? Is that a “Desperate Housewife”?

It sounds like you guys got along great, did you ever have any falling outs?

MCD: We had, had the biggest fight over seas and we did not speak to each other until just recently. We only had three weeks left, and we were playing basketball. We were just full of testosterone. He made a call that I didn’t agree with. We argued. I told him he was from Coney Island, which he’s from Cape Cod. (Laughs) That insulted him. He took the basketball and said (Michael makes a funny voice), “I do not have to take your insults. I am leaving,” I said, “ You can’t leave with that ball, Neal.” He said, “No, I checked it out. I’m checking it back in.” (Starts laughing)  I messed with him one day, we had this car scene and we were still mad at each other. His light was pointing right at him, so I turned his light away from him right before we start filming and he said, “Andre, is this light supposed to be this way?” I was sitting over there like, “Yes, I got him!” Every time we got ready to shoot I’d just move his light just a little bit (laughing).

Would you ever consider playing the King Pin again if they asked you?

MCD: Yes, yes. It would be an honor to do the King Pin again. When I did the King Pin I was weighing like 335 though, and I weigh 275, 280 right now so I think if I could play it at this weight it would be much more comfortable for me. I always tell them, if you think about it, maybe he goes to prison and he realizes the only reason he lost to Daredevil is because he was too big. Maybe if he slimmed down a little bit, and then wants another piece of Ben Affleck, which Ben Affleck hit me dead in the face with that damn stick. I was so Goddamn mad at him. No, he did. I told him, your going to hit me in the face with that. He said, “No, I got it,” and the first thing, crack. He cracked me right in the head. I said, “Get the Goddamn stunt guy in here, because you don’t know what the hell your doing.” So I was really pissed, when we first did it I was really pissed at him, because that stick was made out of metal. Instead of me getting a substitute I trusted him to just do this, and not crack. I’m going to have my payback. So to answer your question, Hell yeah. (Laughs)

Check out Michael Clark Duncan in theaters this Friday, February 27th.