Some TV shows turned movie are recipes for disaster (remember how The Simpsons Movie turned out after all that anticipation?), but it’s hard to deny that a big screen version of Arrested Development would be a side-splitter.

Based on comments from Ron Howard at the Oscars and the recent report from E! that Michael Cera has agreed to making the film, I’d say that an Arrested Development movie is a sure deal and we’ll be hearing about a production plan very soon.

Howard told MTV that he met with the show’s writer Michael Hurwitz last Friday and said, “Things are going really well. He’s writing.” Those are reassuring words, but Howard also indicated that with the film getting more hype, he would have to be careful about revealing spoilers.

“It’s looking very much like we’re going to make [the movie], but we’ve now been asked to stop offering any details,” Howard said. “It’s cloaked in a little mystery, but it’s looking good.”

Looking good? In director-speak, that makes it sound like they’re already shooting! With all the gab about it lately, it would make sense that they’ve been secretly producing it all along. Or maybe it’s still a long way off and Howard is just giving the film an early push. After all, filmmakers are having to boost their own hype by giving out hints way ahead of time to make sure their film gets attention in these tough days of low attendance at the box office.

Either way, I’m just glad it is happening, and that Cera’s on board! Hilarity is sure to ensue.

What have you heard about the prospects for an Arrested Development movie? Would you be excited to see it?