Film Franchise Directors

Now before you get yourself all worked up about another remake, let me assure you that the new Clue film will not attempt to emulate the 1985 cult classic Clue: The Movie.

No, this adaptation of the Parker Brothers board game is purported to have undergone a complete reconfiguring with the supervision of Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski. It will be the latest in the burgeoning Hasbro movie series (we’ve already heard about plans for Monopoly, Ouija, Candyland and Stretch Armstrong).

For those of you who lived a tragic childhood without board games, the game entails solving a mysterious murder in a creepy old mansion by figuring out who done it and what object they used for the crime. In the hands of Verbinski, this premise will likely make for a fantastic spooky spoof using his usual eye-popping production.

Already filmmakers have raked in millions by exhausting Marvel‘s cache of film-adaptable super heroes, so why not monopolize on all the timeless board games and toys? 

Sounds wonderful and whimsical in theory, but quite frankly, I’m a little worried about the entertainment value of Candyland (for some reason, Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes to mind). Truth is, Ninja Turtles already went through this, and now the series has resorted to cheap looking CG animation. Don’t get me wrong, I have high hopes for Clue and the rest of the Hasbro series, but if I see an ad for a Mr. Potato Head biopic, I’m starting the boycott myself.

What do you think about Gore Verbinksi as the choice to bring us a revamped Clue movie?