Sex Drive


Sex Drive

Starring: Seth Green

The teen sex romp is kind of a dying breed.Why?Because these days it seems like teens are far more experienced at sex than ever before.Therefore, a movie about their futile attempts to score seems woefully out of date. This movie apparently tries to meet in the middle as it combines the old (the aforementioned sex romp) with the new (they met on the Internet!). Hmmm, if you’re feeling nostalgic, why not buy the DVD?


What Just Happened?

Starring: Robert De Niro and Bruce Willis

Do you think they took the title of this movie from Robert De Niro’s looking at where his career has ended up?I just did Righteous Kill and now this Hollywood satire that nobody saw?Meanwhile, Richard Jenkins is getting nominated for an Oscar for a movie whose script I never saw.What just happened?

If you’d like to know, buy the DVD.

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“Breaking Bad”: Season 1


AMC gets just about all its pub for the superb “Mad Men”, but they also managed to sneak seven episodes of this gem under the Writer’s Strike wire last winter and it nearly measured up to its marquee series.

For those who don’t know (also known as Americans) “Breaking Bad” is the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who turns to cooking meth so that he can afford his medical bills after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.This may sound like a “Weeds” rip-off, but it isn’t at all.It takes a deeper look at its characters through a richly drawn desert mosaic in Albuquerque where everybody has something lurking within their souls.

So buy the DVD before Season 2 premieres in March.


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Starring: Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep

Wow, imagine if this DVD hit shelves two days after Meryl Streep had won an Oscar instead of losing for the 13th time?Oh well, we can call still enjoy Streep’s performance in this Depression Era tale.It earned Streep her seventh nomination in less than ten years, and now we know she was just getting started.

So buy the DVD and travel back to a time when this amazing career was in midstream.


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Freezer Burn: The Invasion of Laxdale

Starring: Tom Green and Crispin Glover

Do we really need anymore than the names above the marquee to qualify this as a HSTDROTW? Probably so, but we should also note that the film features Green as an ex-hockey player who along with a local waitress have to fight of aliens from turning Earth into a resort planet for aliens. Yes, Crispin Glover is one such alien. So, buy the DVD. I guess?