This year at Screencrave, we gave you comprehensive power rankings that tracked the race all the way up to our final predictions in the big six categories.

Our success rate was a respectable 4-for-6 and with good reason: We didn’t follow the trends and went with a few gutsy picks.  Here’s why we were right and why we were wrong…

Where we went right:

Best Picture - Slumdog Millionaire

Why we were right: This was a very easy pick.  A few sly prognosticators out there thought Milk was going to slide in at the buzzer, but they probably new they were wrong when they wrote it.  Slumdog has been the undisputed king of buzz all Oscar season and nothing was going to upset it.

Best Director – Danny Boyle

Why we were right: Unlike his film, there probably wasn’t a single Oscar predictor alive who went against Boyle in this category.  He was a lock pretty much the moment his movie started getting buzz, even more so than the film itself.

Best Actor – Sean Penn

Why we were right:  This was the one category that split Oscar predictors, and we ended up on the right side of the Rourke/Penn debate for the simple reason that Hollywood had really started to fall in love with Milk over the last few weeks and were definitely willing to honor it in more categories than just Best Screenplay.  Plus, the buzz for The Wrestler peaked about the time of the nominations – nobody’s really been talking about it recently.

Best Supporting Actor - Heath Ledger

Why we were right:  This was the most obvious pick in the big six categories as Heath Ledger won all but one or two precursor awards and has been buzzed-about for over a year now.  And yes, he still would have won even if he hadn’t died.

Where we went wrong:

Best Actress – We picked Meryl Streep who lost to Kate Winslet

Why we were wrong:  This was admittedly a stretch, but we thought the backlash and controversy surrounding The Reader would swallow Kate Winslet’s chances, especially with a largely Jewish Academy populations. Streep seemed the logical beneficiary of a Winslet collapse, but that never happened.

Best Supporting Actress – We picked Taraji P. Henson who lost to Penelope Cruz

Why we were wrong:  The logic seemed impeccable: Amy Adams and Viola Davis would split votes, all Wrestler love would go Mickey Rourke’s way and cost Maris Tomei, and everybody had forgotten about Vicky Cristina Barcelona.  Guess the last part about the equation turned out to be wrong.  Whoops.

Well, that closes the book on predicting the 2008 Oscars, but don’t worry.  We’ll get out a preliminary 2009 Oscar Power Rankings in the next few weeks so you can track the race all yearlong right her on Screencrave!  Because shouldn’t every season be Oscar season?