What’s really going on? Recently all the major action films have been having some major issues with casting and its getting a bit ridiculous. The Iron Man sequel has been plagued with these issues since the day Terrence Howard was ousted for Don Cheadle. After that trade, Samuel L. Jackson said he wouldn’t be co-starring as Nick Fury in Iron Man 2 or The Avengers. As of late, I’ve been suckered into this casting ping pong game between Mickey Rourke  and Emily Blunt , and it’s just sickening. Will he portray a villain along with Sam Rockwell in Iron Man 2? We don’t know. I don’t think Marvel knows either. 

Last week Rourke was quoted as saying, “we’re not doing Iron Man 2.” Yet, the very next day Entertainment Weekly reported that he’s not finished with the film as an “offer still stands, though nothing’s yet being negotiated.” I’m sick of the lies! I love Mickey Rourke, and I’m happy that he’s getting all these opportunities, but let me know whats going on already.

Emily Blunt’s another bouncing ball in this court. She hasn’t confirmed her casting as Black Widow, because of scheduling conflicts with another film she’s doing called Gulliver’s Travels. Well, when wind of this“issue” spread throughout the industry every young actress West of the Mississippi wanted the role. Speculation has Scarlett Johansson as a possible replacement, and Joss Whedon muse Eliza Dushku has even thrown her hat into the ring. According to The Playlist, the most recent reports state that Blunt will definitely NOT be playing Black Widow in Iron Man 2. 

On E!’s post show at the red carpet of some party, Jon Favreau said that Fox exercised its Gulliver’s Travellers”] option on Emily Blunt, and that she definitely won’t be in ‘Iron Man 2.

In other news, according to IESB Watchmen director Zack Snyder has his eye on Mamma Mia co-star Amanda Seyfried to star in his next flick Sucker Punch. The film is a chick flick of a different kind. The kind that involves chicks that kill with machine guns and several other weapons of choice. Snyder responded to the rumors about the actress leading the cast, and boy does he know how to play the evasion game. 

..she’s got some other obligations and we’re just trying to figure that out.  I think we’re looking at, like, what I would consider a lot of great, really great girls. Because it’s all girls so it’s like, yeah. It would be great if it worked out.

What does that mean?! One day we”ll get some answers. It won’t be soon, but one day.