Lights are flashing, my friends! The evening has arrived, and the two-hour red carpet parade of nominees, presenters, and hollywood’s A-listers has begun! We’ve kept posted with ABC’s coverage, and below are a couple hi-lights from the interviews…

On the success of Frost/Nixon:

“Its been amazing, the whole journey. It started in London as a play, then new york. People have been going mental for the film. Ron has done a magnificent job of making it. It offers something new to everyone. People who remember the interviews, the people who don’t – it’s a bit of a boxing match. Whether you remember or not, it’s a compelling story.”  - Michael Sheen

On his Best Supporting Actor nomination for Tropic Thunder:

“I just knew it was a risky thing. Ben had it on his mind for a while. The threat assessment was quite high. ” – Robert Downey Jr.

On his Best Actor nomination for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button :

“I‘ve never been to the Kodak theatre. Literally hundreds and hundreds of people were needed to make this film. It’s also nice to check in with the other people who have been working hard this year, too. When I started, Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn were my idols. Just to be sitting in the same category as them is an honor.” – Brad Pitt

On his Best Actor nomination:

“I’ve been blessed, after fifteen years, to have a second chance. It’s good to be back in the game!” – Mickey Rourke

On his Best Actor nomination:

“I’m looking forward to my next job. I’m available! Every actor knows what every actor feels. We’re all in this together. Whoever walks up there, we’re happy for.” – Frank Langella

There you have it, from Hollywood’s leading men! Stay tuned for more updates when the show begins!