So, we’ve got a little bit of news to break for you guys. Yesterday we talked to Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li producers Ashok Amritraj and Patrick Aiello and tried to avoid talking about their current release because… well it’s really bad. BUT! They may be able to redeem themselves in some upcoming projects. One of which is Dead of Night, which they gave us a bit of insight to in terms of the overall story, look, shooting dates and attire. It appears that the famous suit and car will both be featured in the film.

Then they also mentioned another film which I don’t think anyone has heard of yet. The film will be called Lioni and is set to star the lovely and talented Emily Mortimer.

Check out what they have to say about the film below…

What other projects do you have going on?

Ashok Amritraj: We have a movie called Dead of Night, which starts shooting in April. Brandon Routh [will be starring and] Kevin Munroe, the Director of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is directing it and that shoots in New Orleans. And then we have a festival movie called Lioni which Emily Mortimer is doing for us. (Patrick whispers something to him) Okay. We haven’t announced it yet.

Could you tell us more about Dead of Night?

Patrick Aiello: Dead of Night it about Brandon’s character Jack Guinness from Chinatown who is a detective or private investigator for the underworld, in the sense that he is investigating werewolves

AA: Zombies…

PA: …and vampires. In the spirit of Lost Boys.

AA: It’s a best selling comic book fro Italy called “Dylan Dog.” It’s very popular. And Platinum Comics are our partners on it.

And other news on casting news?

AA: Not yet. We’re just casting.

Will the look be in line with the comic books?

AA: We’re going to be pretty close. It’s going to have that look to it.

The famous outfit?

AA: Yes. The outfit.

PA: And car.

So, that’s all I know for now. What do you think? Are you excited to see Emily Mortimer teaming up with the Producers of Street Fighter? Do those two things go together? And what do you think about Dead of Night? Are you excited? Or would you rather just keep your attention on Watchmen for now?