Stephen Gaghan and McG are quite an odd couple in my book, but these two directors are teaming up for a new project. Gaghan is returning to his original trade of screenwriting for this collaboration while McG will direct. According to THR,  the project in question is entitled Dead Spy Running. The adaptation is based off of the yet to be published novel by British author Jon Stock.  The film is being set up as the first installment in a potential Dead Spy trilogy.

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The story starts at a London marathon, where the main character encounters a a runner who happens to be carrying live explosives strapped to his body. This serves as a catalyst,which causes the protagonist to go on a world wide journey to find and clear his father’s name.

That’s not a very concise premise in my book, but that’s what their putting out as a description. The book itself won’t be published until June, but there’s no production dates set for the film. Gaghan won an Academy Award in 2001 for penning the screenplay to the drug drama, Traffic. McG has recently wrapped Terminator:Salvation and is working on an updated version of the Disney classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.