Let me preface this article by saying one thing, “the viral marketing campaign for Terminator: Salvation scares me.” Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I can tell you about the latest development in Terminator land.  According to FirstShowing.net the film’s latest marketing promotion introduces the “Skynet Security System.” It looks as if this campaign is connected to different comic book stores across the U.S. to promote both the film and their businesses. Check out the video after the jump to watch a local comic book store owner activate this new “security system.”

Here’s a description of the system via the Skynet Research website.

“Each unit contains a sensor capable of observing the entire spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet wavelengths, assuring it can detect the unlawful displacement of any item at any time. Storeowners are alerted with a phone call during business hours, while local law enforcement is also contacted if theft occurs when the store is closed.”

I guess this can be considered both creepy and clever, but it’s definitely not my cup of tea. After Terminator came out a lot of people were fascinated by cyborgs and thought they were kind of cool. Am I the only one who leaned towards Sarah Connor’s view in T2:Judgment Day? These machines are crazy! Good marketing, but crazy.