The three day promotional event for X-Men Origins: Wolverine is officially over. On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night the Fox Network aired three exclusive 60 second spots promoting the first X-Men spinoff, Wolverine. After careful examination I feel that I’ve gotten a better idea of what direction the story for the film will go in. Wolverine as a comic character has a very vague, and diluted past. So many different interpretations have been made about his origin, his age, and most importantly his claws.

Get a detailed recap of all three promos after the jump…

This video points out several key story elements. First, we’re getting some insight into Wolverine’s age. Notice the clothes his parents are wearing. It looks as if the childhood scene takes place circa the 1800′s. Second, it looks as if their going with the “born with claws”storyline. They’re made of bone and in the future that’s what Stryker will graft the adamantium metal to. Finally, the obvious relationship between Victor Creed and James Howlett is established pretty early. Here they’re going with the “brothers” storyline, which was obviously a  lead in to the second TV spot.

This promo is self explanatory, but really makes you wonder about a few things. How old are these guys? Did I see a clip of them fighting in the Civil and World Wars together? We get to see how much these two have been through together, as well as what eventually tears them a part. The introduction of Silver Fox the love of Logan/Jimmy/James ‘ life complicates and in the long run destroys their familiar relationship.

This was actually my favorite of the three. In the “Legends” spot we get a look at the Weapon X program and it’s crew. William Stryker rears his manipulative head, and we get a peak at Gambit and his cards. Ryan Reynolds is the perfect fit as the sarcastic Deadpool, who’s affectionately referred to in the comics as the “merc with a mouth.” My biggest concern comes from what looks like the appearance of  a teenage Scott Summers (Cyclops). What is he doing here? If he knew Sabretooth as a teen, wouldn’t he have mentioned it in the first X-Men?

Overall, I’m still psyched to see this. I think this will be a great way to kick off an exciting summer blockbuster season, just as Iron Man did last year.

What are your thoughts on the movie? Have these promos improved your perception of the film?