Great news to report. One of my favorite actors is in negotiations to co-star in a new film. I’m referring to none other than the very talented and very funny Paul Rudd. I can’t explain how much of a fan I am of this guy. I watched Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers just because he was in it. Now, if that’s not devotion then I don’t know what is. On a lighter note Variety is reporting that Rudd is in talks to star in an untitled project written, directed, and produced by the legendary James L. Brooks. The film is a romantic comedy and will feature Reese Witherspoon as the female lead.

Owen Wilson will also co-star in the film, but as Rudd’s nemesis. Both men are involved in a love triangle that centers around Witherspoon. Rudd’s character is a “white-collar executive,” while Wilson is a professional baseball pitcher. Most of the details regarding the film are being kept under wraps, even it’s real title. At the moment it’s being called How Do You Know, which screams fake in my opinion.

The movie is set to begin filming this summer, which might prove problematic for Rudd. The actor is also in negotiations to star in the comedy Dinner for Schmucks which will begin shooting this fall.

Which movie would you prefer to see him in?

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