Although, Heath Ledger hasn’t won the Oscar yet, I think it’s pretty clear from every other award show, audience reactions, and his performance, that he will be receiving an Oscar this Sunday. The question originally was who should accept his award, but the bigger question is, who gets to keep it?

“It’s complicated, because there are two different questions that have to be answered,” said Bruce Davis, executive director of the Academy. “First, we have to decide who gets the job of accepting the award onstage on the night of the ceremony. And then there’s the question of the eventual disposition of the posthumous statuette, which may not stay with the person who accepts it.”

It would be natural for it to go to Ledger next of kin. But he divorced his wife Michelle Williams and his daughter Matilda is only 3-years-old and Davis has stated that “From our point of view, somebody has to sign the winner’s agreement, and a 3-year-old can’t do that… Nor can a parent sign any kind of legal document that obligates a child to do something once they turn 18. I didn’t know that before we looked into it, but it’s a good law.”

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