This is a total guy film. How do I know? Well, there are lots of hot nearly-naked women, lots of hot women having sex with other hot women, and then some more hot naked women. Need more? Well, what can I say, it’s kind of stupid, but it could be a fun time. From the trailer, it looks like a really ridiculous scenario that is used to move forward a bunch of really funny scenes. With hot women of course.

The story is about a guy (played by Zach Cregger) who is about to loss his virginity to his love interest (played by the ridiculously hot Raquel Alessi), when he gets hit on the head and goes into a coma for four years. He comes out and his dream girl is now a Playboy Bunny and he has to find her. Sounds like a good chance to see some total nerds running aroung with some hot bunnies.

Check out the trailer below…

Who the hell makes fun of firemen!? They’ve got balls!

What do you think? Funny in a good way? Or too much for you to handle?