We’ve just received some exclusive info regarding a new promotional tie-in for next month’s Watchmen. Photographer Clay Enos and Organic Coffee Cartel are teaming up to bring you some Watchmen coffee! How random is that? As of yesterday, February 17 a limited edition “Night Owl Dark Roast” coffee is now available. If that wasn’t enough, buyers of the drink can enter into a contest to win tickets to attend the Los Angeles premiere of Watchmen, and the official after party. More details after the jump.

It would be easy to think that this tie-in’s just another way for the film to make money, but Enos stresses that there’s more to this than just marketing.

“Making an imaginary coffee into something real seemed like a fitting and fun way to honor the multi-layered world of ‘Watchmen.’ And having a majority of profits go to charity seems a little like something Adrian Veidt would do,” says Enos.

This seems to be an easy way to get your fanboy fix, and help out those in need. Here’s a description of the limited edition coffee can.

One side of the uniquely crafted steel can resembles artwork straight out of the “Watchmen” universe; the other side features Enos’ striking black & white portrait of Nite Owl, played in the film by Patrick Wilson. And with just ONE run of cans produced, this is sure to be a distinctive and rare collectible.

As for the Watchmen premiere contest, you can view all of the instructions and official rules at the website for Organic Coffee Cartel here.

Are you interested in some Watchmen coffee? Or do you just want the movie?

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