At any given point my head might explode from the level of excitement being generated from Sylvester Stallone’s latest action flick. I’m seriously at a loss for words, but I have to give you the latest casting news surrounding this movie. According to AICN, the Governator Arnold Schwartzengger will be appearing in The Expendables! Yes, you read that right! The Governor of California pretty much retired from acting after 2003′s Terminator: Rise of the Machines, and has since been living the life of a politician. Yet, somehow Stallone has managed to convince him to come out of retirement for a small part in his new film.

According to AICN’s “really good” source,  Schwarzenegger will be playing himself in the film instead of a fictional character. He’s only scheduled to shoot for one day, which means he”ll probably just shoot a cameo scene. Either way, he”ll be in the movie and you know there will be some ridiculous tongue and cheek dialogue between him and Stallone. How is it that McG couldn’t (didn’t) get Arnold for Terminator: Salvation, but Sly got him for this? Maybe he”ll surprise us and confirm his part in that one as well.

In other Expendables news, Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley is out and Eric Roberts is in as his replacement. This must have been a pretty broad character, because Roberts and Kingsley don’t look or act anything alike. We”ll see how that one goes. Also, after months of speculation Mickey Rourke has officially signed on to co-star.

At this point Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, and Kurt Russell need to just bring it already. And as for Jean Claude Van Damme, we already know his deal.