No, It’s not what it sounds like. Academy Award winner Halle Berry is not signing up for a sequel to the video game adaptation Max Payne. According to Empire the actress is attached to star in the drama Who is Doris Payne.  The film follows the story of an international jewel thief, who ripped off some of the most well known jewelers in the world. Using the method of killing with kindness, Payne’s game plan never involved harsh language or violence, just good old fashioned conversation.

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Tiffany’s of New York, Cartier of Monte Carlo and Ratners of Romford were all victims of this unassuming thief. Payne got away with her crimes for a good fifty years, before she finally got nabbed in 2005. Even then she managed to only serve 2 years in prison. Two years behind bars compared to 50 years of robbery? That doesn’t add up.

Payne sounds like a Plain Jane with lots of charm. I wonder how the make-up department will tackle the task of making Halle Berry look like an average middle aged woman? Perhaps they should just put a bag over her head and call it a day.

According to Variety, one of the people developing the film is former child star Justin Berfield. You might remember him as Reese, the second born son from the Fox show, Malcolm in the Middle. Berfield has his own production company called J2 which he shares with a guy by the name of Jason Felts. Boy does this revelation make me feel old.