The first out of three TV spots for X-Men Origins: Wolverine aired last night on Fox and it’s entitled, Outcasts. In the promo we get to see Wolverine as he prepares for his first adamantium injection. There’s also a some footage of a younger Logan, finding his father murdered at the hands of a man who looks similar to Victor Creed/Sabretooth. Let’s check out the promo, and do some further examination after the jump shall we?

It looks as if their going with the storyline of Logan being born with skeletal claws, as opposed to him getting them attached as an adult by William Stryker. In one scene he’s called “Jimmy”, which according to the comic book was short for James Howlett, Logan’s real name. There’s also a teenage boy who refers to Jimmy as his brother, which gives me the impression that he’s a young Victor Creed. I can only wait to see what other little tidbits will be revealed in the next two TV spots.

What did you think of last nights promo?