It’s looks as if we’re going to get a mini Tropic Thunder reunion via Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise. According to THR, the two actors have been attached to star in the comedy The Hardy Men for years, but they kept hitting snags in it’s development. They hadn’t been able to find the right script to get the project of the ground. At least that was the case, until now. Ed Solomon has been hired to pen the screenplay for the comedy based on the 1970′s TV show, The Hardy Boys.

The Hardy Boys was a show that revolved around teenage detectives Joe and Frank Hardy. The characters were originally portrayed by Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson.

The film adaptation would explore the reunion of the estranged, grown-up brothers, who work together to solve a new mystery. The Fox 2000 comedy has been on many writers’ laptops during its 10-plus years in development, most recently that of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” screenwriter Simon Kinberg.

From the desk of Kinberg to Ed Solomon? What a shift! Solomon’s previous writing credits include the original Men in Black, Charlie’s Angels, and dare I say it, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey?! While we’re at it, let’s not forget his work on the 1993 live action adaptation of Super Mario Bros. This should be interesting! Attached to direct Hardy is Shawn Levy, the man who helmed the Stiller blockbuster Night at the Museum.

What do you think about Stiller and Cruise teaming up as former teen detectives for hire? Are you interested?