Odeon, the largest chain of cinemas based in Britain, is installing 3D projection technology in its UK theaters. The new projectors can display images at a resolution of 2K, (2,048×1,080 pixels), roughly twice the resolution of a movie on a Blu-ray disc.

3D movies have been around for years, yet have failed to become a staple of the movie industry. With the new NEC NC1600 projector and wide install base, Odeon is hoping to make 3D movies more than just a novelty.

You still have to wear the 3D glasses, but they are better than the cheap, cereal box sort, and the NEC is easy to use, housing both the lamp power supply and projector head in the same unit. Drew Kaza, executive vice president of digital development at Odeon, said that the “NEC has equipped ODEON with a ground-breaking digital cinema projection system and we anticipate a resultant jump in per seat revenues.”

3-D films set for 2009 are led by “Titanic” director James Cameron’s new film “Avatar,” and DreamWorks Animation, which pledged to release all its films in 3-D this year.

Will this initiative be enough to grant 3D some staying power in modern cinema?

Source: Slashdot