The director of Saw II, III, & IV is expanding to another genre and franchise with his latest project entitled, Akula. According to FirstShowing, Darren Bousman’s follow up to the cult favorite, Repo! The Genetic Opera, will be an action flick described as “a heist film set on a submarine.” Bousman says, “the tone is dark, but very different from the films I’ve directed recently.” Bousman is known for working in the horror genre, but it looks as if this will be his first step towards another direction.

The project was originally known as The Akula Job and is about a career criminal who teams up with a DEA agent that is determined to pull off a diamond heist on a submarine.

Sounds…interesting, I guess. I’ve (unfortunately) seen all of the Saw films and I only liked the original. In my opinion, the other four I could have done without. I have heard some interesting things about Repo, that go beyond the fact that Paris Hilton was one of it’s stars, so I’m willing to give this guy a chance. He just turned 30, and he’s already got seven films under his belt. His movies may not be amazing, but he’s showing growth.

Since the details of Akula are being kept under wraps, we can’t really draw any conclusions about the film’s quality. Here’s to hoping Bousman is making some serious improvements on his directorial game.

Who is excited for this?