The International is a political thriller that focuses on the corrupted state of one of the oldest institutions in the world. I’m not referring to the presidency or the military, I’m talking about the bank. Yes, the bank. Money makes the world go round, and according to this film it’s been the main culprit behind every major conflict in history. Inspired by actual events, the film follows an Interpol agent and a New York Assistant D.A. as they try to bring down a bank called the IBBC. The IBBC  is an international trust that happens to be involved with everything from money laundering and illegal weapons supply to murder.

The film stars Academy Award nominated actors Clive Owen and Naomi Watts as Agent Louis Salinger and Manhattan Assistant D.A. Eleanor Whitman. Salinger is obsessed with bringing down the heads of the IBBC, and is willing to do everything and anything to make it happen. Originally stationed in London, the agent currently resides in Berlin, Germany where the bank’s headquarters is located. Salinger and D.A. Whitman are brought together by a tragic event that is a direct result of what happens when you get too close to the truth surrounding the IBBC’s unethical activities.

The International is a good name for this film considering the many locations that are featured. Besides Berlin and New York, the characters also travel to Milan, Italy and Istanbul, Turkey. As an audience member you really get to see how embedded this bank is when it comes to it’s involvement with the political turmoil that currently effects so many countries. In the film you are told that the power the bank holds doesn’t come from it’s control over the conflict, but from the debt the conflict creates. Whomever controls the debt, controls the power.

As the film progresses we learn that the IBBC’s influence spreads way beyond what we think is humanly possible. The FBI, CIA, and any other major government team with initials are in knee deep with the bank. With no one to trust and his back against the wall, it’s no wonder Agent Salinger spends the entire film pissed off and disheveled. I really did enjoyed Clive Owen’s performance in this movie. I think he’s a very talented actor and here he did not disappoint. I really think he is the highlight of the entire film.

Overall, I think The International was a decent movie. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible either. The beginning of the film starts off a little slow, so you have to stay on board with it before things start to really get interesting. There is an impressive scene to watch out for that takes place at the renowned Guggenheim Museum in New York. An amazing shootout is staged there, and in my opinion it’s the most thrilling part of the movie. It’s when the story takes a turn for the better, and you get to see how much power the IBBC really has.

The International is rated R, and is directed by Tom Tyker. The film hits theaters nationwide this weekend.

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