This is one of those moments that make staying up late to watch the frequently mind numbing Letterman completely worthwhile. Watch as Joaquin Phoenix mumbles, grumbles and gets angry in what is likely one of the most awkward and delightfully uncomfortable interviews to date. I wouldn’t want to talk to Letterman either and this interview was definitely forced. Letterman’s comment after Phoenix suggest performing on the show after his rap career gets going is the point when it’s quite apparent Letterman wants to be doing the interview as much as Phoenix.

I want to side with Phoenix, although after seeing the video of his new music career, he’s making it a little tricky to be on his side. Although, who the hell signed this guy up for Letterman? He’s obviously going through something and doesn’t need more screen time doing shitty interviews.

What do you think? Should Phoenix have been a more delightful guest for the almost cruely cold Letterman? Let us know!\