Here we go again with the risky remakes. Recent Twittering for Production Weekly indicates that Alex Winter, known by most as Bill S. Preston in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, is directing a remake of the 1987 Gremlins-like cult classic, The Gate.

If you haven’t seen the original, which stars Stephen Dorff, it’s about three kids who inadvertently unleash a horde of tiny demons from a hole in their backyard. Naturally, chaos ensues. The difference this time around is that Winter is said to be filming the remake in 3-D, so at least we’re getting something beyond a carbon copy of the original action… and perhaps a few in-your-face surprises.

I see two possibilities here: We’ll either get a terrifying thriller (which may be enhanced by some 3-D horrors), or we’ll get a Bill-and-Ted-meets-Gremlins fiasco that wastes a few good reels of 3-D film. There’s not much information yet released on the film to make a fair judgment yet, but we’re crossing our fingers for you Bill…er, Alex.

How do you feel about Alex Winter taking on a remake of The Gate? Let us know!