Brett Ratner’s finally dishing some dirt on his upcoming reboot of Beverly Hills Cop. The director spoke to MTV about his vision for the film, and how he wants to revive the spirit of the 1984 version.  The first thing on Ratner’s agenda is to get rid of any speculation regarding the film’s title. He said, “We’re not going to call it ‘4,’ it will be a new ‘Beverly Hills Cop.” He’s also going for stronger content as well, so we won’t being seeing a PG-13 rating this time around. According to Ratner, “it’s a hard R.”

“It’s a reinvention,” the director revealed. “I’m going to reintroduce it to a contemporary audience. I’m going to take the best of the first two films and put it into the new one.” “Look at what they did with ‘Indiana Jones,’” he said. “Tonally you have three different films.”

Hmmm, Brett Ratner staying true to the original two films? I don’t know if I buy that. Look what happened to X-Men 3, and even his Rush Hour franchise. Also, not everyone was ecstatic about this last Indiana Jones movie so I don’t know if that was the best example for him to use.

As for the big question, where’s Eddie Murphy going to fit into all of this?

“Eddie Murphy to me was what Chris Tucker is to 12 and 13 year olds today,” he said. “I would never do another buddy cop movie, but to do ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ is a dream for me. Eddie is a genius.”

That wasn’t exactly a definite answer and Murphy hasn’t put out a statement regarding his involvement with the film. A Beverly Hills Cop without Eddie Murphy is pure blasphemy, but then again this is a ”remake.” Who knows, Chris Tucker might pop up as Axel’s younger brother, just waiting to pick up the franchise.