Wow. This film is looking a lot different than I expected. It looks far more action-y than it’s predecessor, The Da Vinci Code, in this trailer. Both films were directed by Ron Howard, who is known more for his dramatic-edge than for having big budget Michael Bay-type action, but perhaps Howard found the perfect balance in this film. A bit of special effects mixed with story-telling might be just what the series needed. It’s like The Transformers Goes to The Vatican.

Whatever they do, I’ll be there just to watch them tear the Vatican apart. I mean, who could miss that? Check out the trailer below the jump…

I bet you Ewan McGreggor is secretly the bad guy. I just have a hunch. Yes, I know I could just go out and read the books, but I haven’t and I have a hunch.

The movie will be in theaters May 15, 2009.

Are you excited?

Thanks to TrailerAddict for the HD trailer!