Well, we were supposed to interview Jerry Bruckheimer about Confessions of a Shopaholic… but seriously, when you think of Jerry Bruckheimer, you think of about 50 different projects. And the bottom line is, you can’t sit in front of the man and just talk about shoes! The man has more money, success, and sway than almost any Producer in the industry and we only had a few minutes, so we asked a lot and got a lot of short, but important(!) answers.

So here is what Bruckheimer had to say in a brief interview about Isla Fisher, Prince of Persia, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, G-Force and more…

This was a great movie, but with your name attached I kept waiting to see an explosion…

JB: We have explosions. We have a closet explosion.

We’re used to a different type of material from you, what was the appeal of this film?

JB: I think we loved the character. I mean, Becky Bloomwood’s such a unique, fresh, interesting young girl who embodies a lot of what young girls around the world deal with. They deal with their credit cards. They deal with their workplace. They deal with a job that they don’t really like and how to get out of it. I think it’s a real empowerment, it’s empowerment for women. This girl comes through the movie, starts out in one place and ends up in another place much more positive than where she started. She finds romance. She finds something she really loves doing.

Which of your producing skills carried over to this movie?

JB: Well, you know, it’s all about the character and the screenplay. That’s the key to everything. Tell a good story and fortunately we had a terrific novel to work off of, so that’s a great help. How we put the movie together, the director we chose, the cast that we chose, it’s what a producer does. It’s putting the whole package together and convincing Disney to make it. Those are all things that help these things get made.

What did you see in Isla Fisher?

JB: Well, you see it on screen. She’s vivacious, she’s funny, she’s a wonderful dramatic actress which this movie wouldn’t work without the ability she has to pull that character off and see that she is serious. The comedic part, we saw what she could do in Wedding Crashers and some of her other work but the real surprise is that she’s a wonderful dramatic actress.

Now to the fun, short questions we were able to sneak in at the end of the press conference about all Bruckheimer’s MANY upcoming projects.

Have you seen the Prince of Persia? How does it look?

JB: I’ve seen most of Prince of Persia. It looks fantastic. Yeah, you won’t recognize Jake Gyllenhall.

Did he do steroids?

JB: No, no drugs. Just worked really hard. Well, he’s a cyclist anyway and he bikes all the time. We just had to have him do a little lifting but he looks fantastic.

Who else can we expect to see in the film?

Ben Kingsley’s one of our great actors.

Will this be a modern day NY version of the original? What attracted you to this film?

JB: You know, Disney came to us and they had been developing a screenplay on it. We jumped in and loved the concept of it and had been working on it ever since.

Do you think fans of the video game will enjoy the movie?

JB: Let’s hope. Let’s hope.

What attracted you to making a film from a video game?

I think we have a terrific story and great characters and a wonderful cast, a great director. Mike Newell is a master.

What’s going on with Sorcerer‘s?

Sorcerer‘s we start in March, Nick Cage and Jay Baruchel have been cast.

How will Cage look in Sorcerer’s, does he have to beef up as well?

JB: Well, it’s not a kind of physical thing there, so… he always looks good. He always takes great care of himself.

For young people looking to break into the industry what advice do you give them?

JB: Stay in school as long as you can. Learn as much as you can. Take literature. Understand what good storytelling is. That’s the key. Work hard. It takes hard work.

How did you get into producing?

JB: I started in the mail room after college for an advertising agency, so I started at the bottom.

How does G- Force look?

JB: It’s really adorable, really cute.

What can we expect from you in terms of new territory?

JB: We always try to break into new things.