steven_spielberg09-2-10All I can think about when I read this story is, what would it be like to have Steven Spielberg on your AIM list? I wonder if he “lols” people? Back to the topic at hand. As we know Spielberg’s company DreamWorks’ has recently made the swap from Universal to Disney and during the filming of it’s upcoming jumbo film Tintin. So one of the reports over at Variety decided to e-mail Spielberg and see what was up. Here is what the big guy had to say about the situation…

Given this anomaly, I initiated an email conversation with the filmmaker today which elicited this back-and-forth.

Spielberg insists not. “We remain focused on what we do best, live action films,” he says, adding that he may, at times “cross over into big family entertainment.” He adds: “We are keeping our overhead low and Disney has the best organization to manage our films and optimize our performance.”

If the business model remains the same, says Spielberg, so does the level of autonomy. “This is what Reliance is expecting from us and why they funded us in the first place.”

Spielberg insists that the negotiations have not fundamentally distracted him from the complex production now before him. “I have multi-tasked my whole life,” he points out. “I think the past has shown that I can direct a picture and still supervise a robust slate of development and production with my partners.”

The sheer size of his family, Spielberg contends, serves as a useful useful his multi-tasking. “Having a big family at home shapes your work ethic and arranges your priorities and there is no better training than that.”

The Disney deal, he insists, “is a significant step for our new company” and the fact that he regards DreamWorks as a “new company” is itself interesting. David Geffen is no longer a key element. Jeffrey Katzenberg focuses on the publicly owned DreamWorks Animation, which is a competitor of the Disney unit, Pixar.

Spielberg seems relaxed about these changes. “I’m looking forward to working with Bob Iger, Dick Cook, Mark Zoradi and Oren Aviv,” he points out.

So there it is. Straight from the horses mouth, it’s a business deal. Was anyone really expecting him to say anything but?