As I’m sure you already know, the Sylvester Stallone action flick The Expendables has become my own personal obsession. The film has an unbelievable cast, attached to a badass eighties action story. With Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, and Dolph Lundgren signed on to star, I had one major question, where’s Jean Claude Van Damme? According to FirstShowing, Van Damme was offered a role in the action fest but decided against it. Continue reading to find the reasoning behind his decision.

Van Damme claims that Stallone was just interested in pitching money and action, not story.

“Stallone gave me a part in his next movie,” JCVD told Total Film. “But I ask him about the subject, about the story. He said, ‘You’re gonna make lots of money.’ I don’t want to hear that, I want to hear what was my character. He was unable to tell what it’s going to be. [Stallone said:] ‘You know, uh, well, the fighting will be good.’ [So I said:] ‘Sly, what is my character?’ So I didn’t do the movie.”

Oh really? He didn’t take the film because there was a lack in character development? On one hand I commend JCVD’s attention to detail with wanting to participate in something meaningful, but come on. His entire career has been based on action roles, no one is expecting him to start reciting Hamlet all of a sudden. Don’t get me wrong Bloodsport is one of my favorite action movies, but he didn’t fully commit to that character, and it was a biopic! The American martial artist Frank Dux portrayed with a Belgian accent. The same thing for his role as Guile in Street Fighter. The All-American hero, once again with a Belgian accent. Yep, I see how dedicated he is to his characters.

Has JCVD gone to his head?

I would have really loved to see Van Damme in this film. If not for the action team up, at least for some ’80′s nostalgia.

Do you think Van Damme was right in his decision to pass on The Expendables? Yay or Nay.