Daniel Radcliffe’s had his turn, then Emma Watson, and now Rupert Grint is planning his exit strategy from beloved child star to adult actor. According to Variety, Grint has signed on to star in the teen drama Cherrybomb. In the film “Grint plays a youth dabbling in drugs, joy-riding and the thrills of teenage sex.” First Radcliffe and his nude scene, now Grint and this toxic mix. When these Potter kids want out, they want OUT! Read more about Cherrybomb, and Grint’s mature role after the jump.

Amongst all the extracurricular activities that Grint’s character indulges in, the actor admits his sex scene was the most nerve racking.

“The hardest bit for both of us was the love scene,” Grint admitted. “It was toward the end of the shoot so we knew this day was coming, but the crew were so supportive, they made us feel so comfortable, we just got on with our jobs,” Nixon said.

As for his transition from Harry Potter to Cherry Bomb

“It was always is going to be quite tricky. ‘Harry Potter’s’ a big thing really, so I’ve always known it’s going to be pretty hard,” Grint said. “But doing this film wasn’t really a conscious decision to try something different — it just worked out like that. I got the script, really liked and it all happened in a couple of weeks.”

Cherrybomb is directed by Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn. The film doesn’t have a U.S. release date as of yet, but will be released in the U.K this year.

If the uncertainty of your next Grint fix is killing you, there are still three Potter films left in the fantasy franchise. Grint will reprise his role as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when it opens in theaters nationwide on July 17.