davidhall-disdw09-2-9 The maturity, excitement  and overall quality of future films has been brought into question with the announcement that Disney has orchestrated a long-term distribution deal with Steven Spielberg‘s DreamWorks.

Some might say that DreamWorks has sold out, but Disney might possibly be their saviour in disguise.

With the new partnership, Disney will distribute and market six Dream Works films (out of Disney’s 12-15 films released per year) starting in 2010, with DreamWorks receiving 8 % of the gross for each [Variety]. This seems like a small percentage, but we’re talking Disney here, so 8% = mo’ money in the bank.

There’s a lot of controversy here, especially over whether DreamWorks will release R-rated films with Disney as a distribution partner. But in response to Disney’s involvement, DreamWorks’ Stacey Snider said, “Of course we will continue to make R-rated movies… I have every confidence they will do a great job handling them.”

Everyone seems to be worried that this new pairing will only produce films as laughable as the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, but to me this seems like a smart business move during the economic downturn. Besides, Disney holds the reigns, but Spielberg has rarely led us astray before (we’ll just pretend their was no Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), so he may have a few tricks up his sleeve yet…

What do you think about the Disney/DreamWorks deal? What will this mean for the film industry?