He’s Just Not That Into You is wishing EVERYONE a Happy Valentines Day – not only those of us is nauseatingly flawless relationships. This outstanding ensemble cast, (Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly, Ginnifer GoodwinDrew Barrymore, Justin Long, Kevin Connolly, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Aniston), remind us of the brutal realities of relationships, and how far some people will go to either maintain or destroy them.

HJNTIY covers almost every extreme situational stereotype – We’ve got the over-analytical chick who’s waiting by the phone and can’t take the hint, the hot blonde determined to score the married man, the girlfriend who’s been living with her boyfriend for seven years, but he doesn’t believe in marriage… the list goes on. And regardless of whether or not the audience felt inclined (or perhaps brave enough) to admit it, the generalizations were spot on. If you weren’t sitting in your seat nodding your head to the dialogue because you could absolutely empathize with a character, you were nodding for your friends and family members who could.

We’ve all been in love, broken up with, confused, and maybe even a little TOO confident in our effortless charm. These almost too strategically convoluted relationship-lines were shockingly relatable – and educational! Yes, this film serves as a hefty dosage of chick flick, but the men will definitely find their niche in the humor. These writers seem to think that there are men out there who aren’t complete assholes, and women who aren’t total lunatics (shocking, I know).

Perhaps the most satisfying element of He’s Just Not That Into You is that not every character winds up with the conventional “awww, oh my God!” happy ending. Take THAT Valentines Day! Who doesn’t love “The Notebook,” don’t get me wrong – but it was refreshing to finally see a love movie that wasn’t painfully heightened. Because whether you want to hear it or not, sometimes the answer is simple: He’s Just Not That Into You!

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