I know that KROQ radio station — which has been completely mocking Christian Bale all week for his freak out — is KNOWN for having fake interviews on BUT trust me they got the REAL Christian Bale on the radio talking about his “outburst” today. I just received this this from a Warner Brothers publicist. Not from a tip, not from a guy that I met once, from the WB who have said, it’s Christian Bale on the show. So, don’t leave me those “Who is it really?” comments… It’s Bale.

You can listen to the interview here on KROQ

See everyone! Yes he over-reacted, but he was in the middle of a difficult scene and got caught in the morning. And as he says himself, we’ve all had our moments where we have said/done things we wouldn’t want recorded. Sadly his was broadcast to the entire nation by some fucker. He is friends with the DP Shane. He worked with the DP that day, for the rest of the shoot, and on ANOTHER film.

I would love to hear Shane (the DP) talk about this.

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