Let’s just take a little peek at some of the fun stuff going on in the movie blogging world, shall we?

  • Looking to add some Watchmen to your walls? Illustrator Alex Pardee will be selling some awesome Watchmen-inspired art at the New York Comic Con this weekend. There is small example above, but for more information go to /Film
  • It seems to be a common theme in movies lately for old guys to keep on punching long after they should have retired. Rourke, Eastwood, and more. Check out “Top Eight Old Guys Who are Still Kicking Ass” on unrealitymag
  • Just released are two new Astroboy images. Something about this film just doesn’t get me too excited. I don’t know why. Check out the images at AICN
  • Last but not least, another, YES! another Dragonball Evolution trailer over at firstshowing. Stop the insanity!