Watch out everybody, Orlando Bloom is about to go epic… again. In his latest project he won’t play an elf, a swashbuckler, or a medieval warrior, just an average Joe who wants to go where no man has ever gone before! According to Variety, Bloom has signed on to star in The Cross. The film will be directed by Andrew Niccol, the same guy who brought you the Nicolas Cage blood bath Lord of War Cross is categorized as a “science fiction escape story,” which will be set in a border town.

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The film will also feature Vincent Cassel, who co-starred in Eastern Promises, and the latest Bond girl Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace).

Bloom plays a man seeking to cross a mysterious border, something no one else has achieved; Cassel limns the guard who will go to any lengths to foil him. Kurylenko takes the femme lede.

Andrew Niccol has also written the screenplay for The Cross, which will begin filming this summer in Australia. The writer/director is an Academy Award nominee, due to the screenplay he penned for 1998′s The Truman Show. Some of Niccol’s other film’s include Gattaca, Simone, and The Terminal. Bloom is currently filming Sympathy for Delicious, a dramedy that co-stars Laura Linney and Mark Ruffalo. A release date has yet to be set for either film.