Apparently, Johnny Depp has a monopoly on Hollywood’s Hunter S. Thompson projects. With Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas long under his belt, it was recently announced that Depp would be cast again as a Thompson-based character, Paul Kemp, in Bruce Robinson’s film rendition of the famous journalist’s novel, The Rum Diary.

A casting report that was made public last month indicated that filmmakers were still searching for a leading lady to play Kemp’s romantic interest, Chenault, but word was just confirmed that Amber Heard (you know, the almost-always-naked girl from The Informers) will fill the role.

Heard’s character in The Rum Diary, which is now confirmed for production starting March 30, is the gal-pal of “a slick PR consultant named Sanderson” that inadvertently becomes involved in a corrupt hotel development scheme with Kemp, who (of course) falls for the pretty lady.

And guess what? If you missed Heard bearing it all in The Informers (or if you thought she deserved an Oscar for her steamy scenes), you’ll get another chance to lay eyes on this Hollywood beauty in The Rum Diary, where she supposedly will have many scantily-clad scenes.

Thompson’s novel is a true gem, and Depp is undoubtedly an exceptional choice for the persona, but let’s just hope that Heard’s birthday-suit-antics don’t overshadow the quality of the plot for movie-goers. The greatest films, after all, engage us because of synergistic writing, directing, and acting, NOT because of an excess of T&A. However, a little spice in the Rum is always nice…

The role of Sanderson (a.k.a. the slick PR guy), has not been revealed, who do you think Robinson should cast to complete the love triangle?