This past December we reported that the script for the DC Comics Green Lantern adaptation was still in development. A writer had been found in the form of Marc Guggenheim, who at the time was on his third draft of the film’s screenplay. Now things are officially underway, as a well known director is in negotiations to helm the project. According to Variety, Martin Campbell is in talks with Warner Brothers to direct the film that will be produced by Donald Deline and Greg Berlanti. Berlanti is also a co-writer of the Lantern script along with Guggenheim and Michael Green.

Martin Campbell is no stranger to directing iconic characters. Besides his work on the James Bond flicks Casino Royale and GoldenEye, he’s also directed The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro. Campbell’s involvement will be a definite coup for Warner Brothers. In the past year The Green Lantern project has steadily moved to the forefront as several other DC film talks have fallen through.

While the studio is hoping director Chris Nolan will follow its 2008 smash “The Dark Knight”with another Batfilm, DC projects such as Superman and “Justice League” were expected to happen quickly, but have stalled.

They can keep that Justice League movie out of sight and out of mind. I’m not really digging the thought of that. They should at least wait and see how Marvel does with their Avenger’s movie. I wonder which Green Lantern character the writers will go with? There are so many to choose from. Perhaps they will stick with the old school favorite, Hal Jordan (above).

What do you think of a Bond director handling The Green Lantern? Yay or nay?