Last November, Peter and Bobby Farrelly a.k.a. the Farrelly Brothers announced that they would direct a “contemporary re-imagining” of The Three Stooges, to be released Nov. 20 2009.

Now, gossip reports are coming in (via the sometimes-reliable celebrity gossip zine, In Touch), that the Farrelly Bros are gunning for Johnny Depp and Sean Penn to play Moe and Larry, respectively, in the new film.  Not that it wouldn’t be hilarious to see Johnny poking Sean in the eye repeatedly, but aren’t these biopics/re-imaginings becoming a little cliché?

Penn has really stood up to the test with his recent performance in Milk, so a slapstick scenario in contrast might be a booster for the actor’s versatility.

But the Farrellys are still looking for a Curly, who they will find through an “American Idol-like” search, according to their initial comments last November. Whoever they pick could be the binding force or the element that tears the project apart…

Who do you think the Farrelly Brothers should cast as Curly (if Depp and Penn play Moe and Larry)?