Wow. Forget about remakes, let’s talk about things that shouldn’t be made into movies. They’re actually doing it. They’re actually making Candyland into a movie. I’m worried. I really am. Universal Pictures has set Etan Cohen to write and Kevin Lima to direct a live-action feature based on the board game.

According to Variety:

Project is the first film to emerge from the deal U made last February with Hasbro, whose properties are the basis for the summer tentpole films “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

The tyke-friendly board game isn’t as obvious an inspiration for a movie project as those other Hasbro brands, but the studio has tapped talent adept at comedy and family fare.

I am very wary about this film. Although Lima did a great job with Enchanted, a film that could have been very bad very fast, I still don’t know how he’s going to pull this one off. And Cohen may have worked on Tropic Thunder, but he also worked on Madagascar 2.

Sounds like a risk! What do you think? And who do you think should be in it? I autamatically jump to Amy Adams because she’s so sweet, but who knows what angle they’re going with. Maybe Isla Fisher?