Wow. The poor guy. I am still so pissed that, Christian Bale‘s “moment” was leaked. I can’t even imagine the lashings the person will get if they catch the fucker who posted it. Bale works his ass off and I don’t think anyone who cares as much as Bale about his work deserves this. The main thing is that Bale is a serious actor (hell look at what he did to himself for The Machinist) who gives himself over to everything he does and a film set, no matter what they pay you, is a hard place to work. That’s why all you people complaining about Bale DO NOT work as a mainstream actor, because they couldn’t. It takes a lot of time, talent, and dedication.

That being said, Bale has officially been added to the Urban Dictionary and it’s pretty f-ing funny…

February 4: Bale Out

When someone’s stress level explodes to an epic proportion and a 5-minute f-bomb-laden tirade is unleashed on the unlucky soul who was in the wrong place at the wrong time — much like Christian Bale on the T4 set.

Pam was trying to study for her midterms in the library but the kid across the table kept tapping his pencil to his ipod making her Bale out and get suspended from the library for a week.

Any comments on this definition?