Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Starring: Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks and Justin Long

Remember when Kevin Smith was the man who made realistic and low budget comedies with a great story, huge laughs, and a little bit of heart? Remember that? Now it seems he’s ceded the territory to Judd Apatow and his merry men and rather than attempt to reclaim the territory for himself, Smith did the next best thing: He just cast the entire Apatow troupe in a movie so stylistically similar to his heir’s films that you could almost call it a rip-off.

So what happened to Kevin Smith? When did he lose his unique take on American and comedy and resort to imitating his peers? Has he lost his confidence? Did Jersey Girl just torpedo his brains? Did selling out for 12mean he lost his soul in the process? Whatever the case, we need our Kevin Smith back!

In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for this DVD.



Starring: Dakota Fanning and Robin Wright Penn

No matter what this movie is about, no matter how good it is, no matter what its content, storyline, or anything else it will never ever escape its being dubbed “The Dakota Fanning Rape Movie”.

Yes, this is the infamous movie that depicts Fanning being assaulted somewhere during its 90 minutes. It also caused an entire state to become outraged as the Senate Majority Leader for North Carolina called for all scripts filmed in his state to be approved prior to filming. Now that’s a big scene!

If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, be sure to buy this DVD.



“Becker” – Season 2

Remember this show? Currently Universal HD (channel 17,000 on most cable systems) has been running marathons of it almost daily. A few viewings raises the question – Why doesn’t anybody make sitcoms like this anymore?

Was “Becker” great? No. But was it a solid watch every week with a well-defined characters and a few good jokes? Absolutely. Plus it featured the comfort of the laugh track and multi-camera set up – two things that have virtually disappeared in the last couple of years.

Why did this stop when it works so well? Why does everything have to be utter garbage or attempt to be “Arrested Development” with often miserable results? What happened to middle ground? Maybe this is why people are declaring the sitcom dead, because nobody seems willing to make a real comedy about real people that is somewhat funny but doesn’t go for the belly laugh on every joke.

Luckily, the DVD lets us revisit the past.


  • “Night Court”: Season 3 – Buy Now
  • “Gym Teacher: The Movie” – Buy Now
  • “Dave’s World”: Season 2 – Buy Now
  • “Bewitched”: Season 7 – Buy Now
  • “The Partridge Family”: Season 4 – Buy Now


petersellersbeingtherealp2-2-09Being There: Deluxe Edition

Here’s the biggest travesty about the Oscars, maybe ever: Peter Sellers never got one. Despite being the finest comic actor ever (and there is absolutely no debate about that, it’s just a fact) and the fact that comedy is much harder to do well than drama (another fact) he was saddled with only two acting nominations and never won.

The second of those nominations came for this gem, his last film if you don’t count the cobbled together Fu Manchu and Pink Panther films released after his death. It was one of his finest moments as he portrayed a man who only knows what he’s seen on TV and eventually becomes an inspiration to the President of the United States.

Anybody interested in acting on any level be it as a career or simply to study great actors should buy this DVD and watch in marvel the controlled precision wielded by Sellers at every moment as each line could not be delivered any better and no move could be more well-choreographed.

Certainly take this chance to once again check out one of the finest actors who ever lived.


  • “Natalie Wood Signature Collection” – Buy Now
  • “Friday the 13th”: Uncut – Buy Now
  • “Friday the 13th, Part 2” – Buy Now
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spacebuddiesalp2-2-09Space Buddies

In a strong week for HSTDROTW’s that included a movie named “Thug Love” and another featuring Brooke Burke fighting forest fires, “Space Buddies” wins the award for the simple reason that is a movie about DOGS IN SPACE.

Yes, dogs in space. As in, we’re out of human astronauts so let’s put dogs in helmets and suits and launch them up in a rocket. How will we be able to communicate with them? Impossible, right? No, wait. They can talk too!

Of course the movie comes from Disney so we countless parents will buy the DVD for that mere fact. Especially when the box describes it as “An amazing tale of teamwork, and loyalty that celebrates the journey of life and the friendships made along the way.”

Or it’s a movie about talking dogs in space.