In the Venn diagram of dating, it’s pretty much agreed on that blind dates spell out disaster, no matter what probabilities they’re paired with, especially when they come about as a result of the newest vehicle in the dating game: the internet. In CU@Ed’s, Tina and Tadd, two socially-challenged Los Angeles who are single and ready to mingle (or so they think) showcase just how excruciatingly awkward the dating game can be.

Directed by Casey Stangl and written by Drew Larimore, this 13-minute film is humorous, well-directed and shot, however it definitely could have benefited from more dialogue.

Tina (Will McCormack) and Tadd (Rhea Seahorn) have developed an online relationship and finally decide to meet at a diner to take their relationship to the next level. Tina arrives first and receives unsolicited advice from a patron at the diner, while Tadd struggles with following dating etiquette before he arrives to meet his potential partner.

Tadd finally arrives and the date commences, only to be made difficult by their snooty waiter. Straying from normal social protocol, Tadd decides to take charge of the situation and Tina follows suit.

What ensues is an interesting look at how the comfort zone formerly known as the neighborhood diner has morphed into the personal computer. Relationships are complex, especially when they’re just starting to form and dating is a monster few are able to conquer. What should I wear? Will she like me? What are we going to talk about? What if he’s boring? Who’s going to pay? What will we do afterwards? These amibiguous questions demand answers. The internet, on the other hand, is simple.

Behind the screen and keyboard and instant messages, you’re free to be what everyone always tries to to avoid on a date: yourself. In under a quarter of an hour, CU@Ed’s examines the dynamic of  relationships (version 2.0) quite well.