***Update: Bale apologizes on LA radio station***

Alright. There is audio going around of Christian Bale getting upset on the set of Terminator: Salvation after the DP (Director of Photography a very well respected position on set) ruins a take (for what sounds like a second time) by walking in front of a light. All I can say is, of course he got upset! Do you know how much effort an actor like Christian Bale puts into his work? Every single moment is huge. If this was a big scene his adrenaline is high, he is reacting to everything around him and he is laying himself on the line. An actor is expected to wear all of their emotions on their sleeve and someone as extreme as Bale let’s it all go, which is why he’s the amazing actor that we all love. On a giant production such as Terminator: Salvation you expect those working around you to be as professional as you.

Honestly, I would never even post this, except for the fact that I would rather people hear it here, where people understand film-making than somewhere else where they are slagging Christian Bale off for in essence doing his job and doing it well.

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Anyone who has ever worked on a set knows that these kind of blow ups happen, they just do. It’s horrible that this is being spread and with such a negative spin on Bale. He’s a great actor and he’s professional. If this shows us anything it should be that Bale is dedicated to his work and cares about it deeply.

Who’s right, who’s wrong? Give us your opinion in the comments below…