For those of you who attended last year’s Sundance Film Festival, you may have gotten a sneak peak at director Johan Renck‘s Downloading Nancy. The film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2008 festival, but did not win. However, the recognition was enough for the film to be released in select theaters this March. Check out the latest trailer above.

The film stars Maria Bello (World Trade Center, Thank You For Smoking) as an unhappy wife, Nancy, who wants to die. Rather then kill herself, however, she hires a stranger from the Internet, played by Jason Patric, to carry out the deed. Death evades Nancy when she meets Patric and the two unexpectedly fall in love.

Check out the video below. Beware it’s NSFW.

In the spirit of the artsy Synecdoche, New York, where a protagonist chases death and then seeks an alternative through love, Downloading Nancy could be an inspiration for those of us facing dark times, or it could be a trigger for some extremely unpleasant musings.

My advice: Opt out of this flick if rainy days get you down; this movie is like a downpour.