Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

This film just pulled off a massive upset by defeating Mamma Mia! for Best Picture at the Golden Globes, and why shouldn’t it? This is Woody Allen’s best work since Husbands and Wives as he paints a painfully comic portrait of how most Americans live their lives in fear.

On a side note, most men are already drooling over the prospect of Johansson and Cruz sharing screen time (yes they do kiss), but surprisingly they are not the most delectable treat for the eyes. British siren Hall somehow manages to out-hot the more famous duo with a beauty that compels your eyes to follow her every second she’s on screen – no matter who else she’s with. That fact could be the movie upset of 2008.

Those who don’t believe this to be true should rush to buy this DVD and see for themselves. Or they could just purchase it to enjoy a great film. Whichever.


Lakeview Terrace

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson and Patrick Wilson

According to IMDB, this is one of six films in which Jackson appeared last year. Four of those films were Lakeview, Jumper, The Spirit, and Soul Men, which all featured the actor in starring roles and were all terrible films. This begs the question – Why is Samuel L. Jackson turning into this generation’s Michael Caine?

The similarities between the two actors are boundless. Mainly that they are both excellent at what they do, yet seem incapable of refusing a payday. There’s also the fact that each was the pinnacle of cool for time in their career.

Of course, this is a mixed blessing at best. Caine will end up remembered as one of the great actors, but he’ll also have roles in Jaws IV and Goldmember blotting his resume. Jackson looks to suffer a similar fate, especially with Snakes on a Plane as his biggest hit in the last few years.

Those who can’t get enough of Jackson no matter how many movies he makes can buy Lakeview Terrace on DVD.




“Blossom” Seasons 1 and 2

It’s very vogue these days to remake television series. Be it “90210”, the upcoming “Cupid” or the rumored “Melrose Place”, old is now new again. Of all the 90s series begging for a remake, this should be the most attractive.

Sure, it’s quirkiness and the “Whoa”-ness of Joey Lawrence made this a bit of a joke, but that ignores that fact that was a funny show that dealt with real issues (teen sex, drugs, alcoholism) in an intelligent way that didn’t patronize the audience. That’s the type of show that needs to be remade – not some piece of tripe about rich kids with no cares.

See for yourself with this six-disc set.


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Pink Panther Film Collection

In order to prove synergy isn’t dead, MGM is clearing out its Pink Panther library with a box set of seven “Panther” films, just in time for the new Steve Martin version of the film.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because the company did the EXACT SAME THING for the first Steve Martin movie a few years ago. Nothing has changed, including the fact that Return of the Pink Panther. Okay, that’s not true. The set does add Son of the Pink PantherCurse of the Pink Panther and starring Roberto Begnigni and Ted Wass as Inspector Clouseau, respectively, but it’s highly unlikely anyone was clamoring for those cash grabs.

If you really want those films, you can buy this new set. Otherwise, you’re better off with the old collection.


  • John Grisham Courtroom CollectionBuy Now
  • Mary Poppins: 45th Anniversary EditionBuy Now
  • Sidney Poitier CollectionBuy Now



Deep Winter

Lou Diamond Phillips may be the patron saint of this category, but Michael Madsen has his own case to be made, especially with this new film featuring him as a grizzled pilot in this man vs. the elements skiing movie.

You know what to expect – avalanches, snow, people shivering, rock music, and some type of escape. What sets this apart from the pack is the fact that the focus of its advertising is that it features the skiing and snowboarding of Seth Morrison, Shin Campos, Dan Treadway and JP Aucair. Somehow when your chief grab has nothing to do with the film’s story in anyway, that doesn’t seem like a good thing.

If you are hooked by the promise of this skiing, you can always buy the DVD.