Here are some of the top stories that you may have missed over the weekend……

  • Charlie’s Angel’s 3 is on it’s way! Co-star and producer Drew Barrymore is trying to get a third installment of the Charlie’s Angel’s franchise off the ground. Barrymore stated,”I’m so into it, they’re hard movies to make, but they’re fun.”[E! Online]
  • Dakota Fanning has confirmed her interest in the Twilight sequel New Moon. We reported earlier that there were rumors that the actress auditioned for the part of a vampire named Jane. Fanning herself has stated that she hopes the role works out, because she’s a huge fan. [Shocktillyoudrop]
  • The Green Hornet may be dead in the water. According to close sources, ever since the departure of Stephen Chow as director, the Hornet project has been on shaky ground. It’s said to be “highly unlikely” that the film will even shoot this year. [ComingSoon]

  • Batman 3 in 2011? Executive producer Michael Uslan expect’s the Caped Crusader to make another appearance on the big screen in two years. As usual, he won’t reveal any details regarding the plot, or possible villains. [Superherohype]
  • See an exclusive clip from the upcoming sci-fi film Push. The film co-stars Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, and Djimon Hounsou as reluctant superheroes. Think NBC’s Heroes, but on the big screen.[FilmSchoolRejects]