Academy Award nominated director David Fincher has more on his mind, than what to wear at next month’s Oscars. According to THR, Fincher was or has been attached to direct the graphic novel adaptation of Torso, “a crime thriller that tells the true story of Treasury Department agent Eliot Ness’ time after his Al Capone days.” Sounds good, right? The project is said to have peaked the interest of Jason Bourne himself, Matt Damon, and Academy Award nominated actor, Casey Affleck.

Oh! What’s in this script? I

Ever since 2006, Paramount Studio’s have owned the film rights to Torso and it’s screenplay, which was written by Ehren Krueger.

Last month, Paramount’s ability to extend the rights option as part of the original deal expired, which would have then required the studio to purchase the rights outright to retain them — a price the studio apparently was unwilling to shell out. While the studio still owns Kruger’s screenplay, it is in discussions potentially to strike a new option agreement with the comic’s writers, to whom the rights reverted. (Fincher and the producers remain attached.)

Words like “option” and “agreement” remind me too much of the Warner Brother’s Watchmen fiasco. Have we learned nothing about film rights and adaptations? One theory as to why Paramount has lapsed on the project, may have to do with the current economic climate. Fincher’s last film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button cost between 150 – 175 million dollars to produce, perhaps they don’t want to part with the cash?

If they decide not to renew the project, they better believe that other studios will be waiting in the wings to snatch it up.